ORO! Orkestra - Players



Ken Shorley
(Band Leader, darbuka, davul, saz, voice)

prime minister of the groove; executive director of chartery and photocopying

Ken is a percussionist who specializes in hand drumming styles from around the world. He performs with numerous interesting musicians in lots of interesting places, but feels his real strength is in making a really good cup of tea.



Heidi Kalyani
(dance leader, frame drum)

making it all make sense; executive director of laughter and good vibes

Heidi is an artist who inhabits many worlds. When she is not sharing her love of Turkish and Balkan music and dancing through ORO!, she is likely hiking, cooking, organizing, tea drinking, or creating Indian-inspired illustrations and block prints.

Richard Bennett

a horn that toots sweet

Richard lives on the North Mountain, and gets up to all manner of wild shenanigans. Having recently been paroled after 30-odd years as a high school music teacher, he now has even more time to shenanigate.



Marc Blumberg
(accordion, voice)

the one with the most buttons

Marc, a founding member of ORO!, lives near St Margaret’s Bay, and works as a Registered Doctoral Psychologist. When he's not making amazing balloon animals, Marc can be heard with his other band, The Cabbage Rolls.

Greg Campbell

a friendly chum with a hearty strum

This is Greg's second season with ORO!, and is still only now becoming aware of the bunch of wild cards he's gotten himself invoved with!


Adam Langille
(double bass)

always the first to get the low down

In addition to playing the bass, Adam plays guitar, composes music, and is enrolled at Acadia University. Everything else is a closely guarded secret... that's all we can say for now.

Keara Leibovitz

more than just fiddling around

This is Keara's second season with ORO!, but going around in circles (dancing, that is) has been in this transplanted Ottawan's blood since childhood.


David Mangle
(tuba, trombone)

high-end quality, low-end sounds

David happily plays tuba and trombone with ORO! He has lived in Wolfville since 1982, played trombone for 54 years and tuba for 25 years. He also plays with Nova Scotia's oom-pah sensation, The Cabbage Rolls.

Marilyn Manzer

singing in the low wood

Marilyn is a pianist, recorder player and music teacher in Wolfville. She really wanted to play in ORO, and noticed the clarinet was missing so decided to learn to play it.



Kyle MacQueen

flying the frets without fretting

Kyle is our freshly minted newest ORO! member. Kyle plays guitar... a lot... with different bands in different styles, at Acadia U and elsewhere. Jazz? Got it. Classical. Yup. Pop-rock? Sure. Turko-Balkan? Oh yeah, baby!

Dante Hu

on the beat, in the street, on your feet!

To say that Dante is a percussion student at Acadia University is accurate, but Dante is so much more than that! Originally from China, Dante brings a warm smile and a solid groove to every ORO! rehearsal and show.





resplendent alumni:

Joe Armstrong - violin, vox
Cailun Campbell - double bass
Eugene Cormier - guitar
Mylène DiPenta - violin, vox
Nic Dunfield - clarinet, soprano sax
Liam Elliot - accordion, percussion, vox
Angela Forbes - trumpet
Susan Hauer - vox
Sarah McCabe - violin, vox
Ariana Nasr - sax, vox
Naoko Tsujita - percussion
Lucas Oickle - soprano sax
Nicole Stanson - trumpet, vox
Jeff Torbert - guitar




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