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ORO! dance Party

Join ORO! Orkestra as we sing our way into spring! Not only is this the final dance of the ORO! season (reason #1 to go), but this gig will feature the freshly-minted ORO! Choir singing some beautiful tunes (reason #2 to go), AND the band will also be joined by a special guest vocalist from Istanbul (via Halifax), Bilge Gerçek (reason #3 to go).

And, if you need more reasons to go, you may just be the hard-to-convince type... But here goes!

Reason #4: You can be part of a fun circle of friendly people who will be even funner and friendlier with you in it!
Reason #5: It's one of those ORO! dances you keep hearing about, and you've maybe always wanted to go?
Reason #6: Hmm... you are hard to convince. Umm... snacks! There will be snacks! (lots of interesting snacks, especially if you bring some to contribute...)
Reason #7: See Reason #1 (above) and repeat.

We play. You dance?

Friday April 21st, doors 7:30, dance 8pm
Wolfville Farmers Market

$10 ($5 students)
tickets at the door

Bring a water bottle and a snack to share!









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